Playground Services

Experts in outdoor play solutions, we provide a complete portfolio of playground services including consultation, installation and surfacing.

Consultation - Installation - Surfacing - Inspections Maintenance & Aftercare

Where the fun begins – Vita Play Limited have an in house team of specialists to cover every aspect of your project.

∗ Design ∗ Groundworks ∗ Drainage ∗ Tarmac ∗ Installation ∗ Surfacing ∗ Resin Bound Stone ∗ Artificial Grass 

∗ Fencing/Gates ∗ MUGA (Multi-use game areas) ∗ Shelters/Storage ∗ Line Markings ∗ Thermoplastic Graphics

As part of your experience with Vita Play, we offer an extensive range of ∗ Playground Equipment ∗ Safety Surfacing ∗ Leisure Equipment

Aftercare services, such as ∗ Operational Inspections ∗ Maintenance/Service Programmes ∗ Surface Cleaning and Repairs

Playground Consultation

During your playground consultation, we will help you to design and develop a safe, engaging, and accessible play area for children. We will gather information about your playground project and assess the site, taking into consideration factors such as space, terrain, and existing structures.
After this, we will create a customised plan that includes recommendations for equipment, layout, safety features, and materials that meet industry standards.
Choose Vita Play to ensure that your final playground design is not only fun and stimulating for children of all abilities but also durable and secure.
trim trail
childrens climbing playground equipment

Playground Installation

During your playground installation, our expert team will transform your carefully designed plan into a functional play space for children.

This process begins with site preparation, which may involve grading the land, installing drainage systems, and laying foundational materials to ensure stability. Next, our professional team will assemble and anchor the play structures according to manufacturer specifications, ensuring all components are securely fastened and aligned. Safety surfacing, such as rubber mulch or engineered wood fiber, is then laid evenly.

Throughout the installation, adherence to safety standards and local regulations is of paramount importance and once complete, the playground is thoroughly inspected and tested.

After this, your playground is ready to provide a safe, fun, and engaging environment for children to explore and enjoy.

Playground Surfacing

Durable playground surfacing is a crucial element in creating a safe and enjoyable play environment for children. Not only does it contribute to accessibility, allowing children of all abilities to participate in play, it creates an inclusive, long-lasting, and safe play area.

Experts in playground surfacing, we offer a complete range of playground surfaces including Rubber Mulch, Wet Pour, Grass Mats, Woodchip, Gravel, Resin Bound Stone and Artificial Grass.

Supported by a team of highly skilled playground surfacing installers with a combined experience of 30+ years, we create colourful and exciting surface designs using only the highest quality products and materials.

childrens MUGA
children's playground swing

Playground Maintenance & Aftercare

Playground maintenance and aftercare are essential for ensuring the longevity and safety of your play area. Regular inspections help to identify and address any wear and tear, damaged equipment, or potential hazards. This includes checking for loose bolts, worn surfaces, and broken parts.

Maintenance routines often involve cleaning surfaces, replenishing safety surfacing, and lubricating moving parts to ensure smooth operation. Seasonal changes might necessitate specific tasks, such as removing snow or debris. Moreover, ensuring compliance with safety standards and updating equipment as needed is crucial.

Effective aftercare also involves educating the community about proper use and reporting issues. By prioritising these practices, playgrounds remain safe, inviting, and enjoyable spaces for children and families.