Playground Ziplines, Trim Trails and Tunnels

Upgrade your playground with our full portfolio of trim trails, playground ziplines and children’s tunnels designed to make play exciting.  

trim trail

Create Exciting and Engaging Children's Playground Spaces

From trim trails to ziplines, we’ve got it all. Our playgrounds are carefully designed to create inspiring play spaces for children whilst protecting their safety and allowing them to build their confidence through unique play equipment.

Whether you’re looking for a small trim trail for your school playground or a large zipline to complete your residential playground, we’ve got the solution for you.

Available in several different designs and sizes, our solutions cater for children of all ages and playgrounds of all sizes.

Ziplines, Trim Trail Equipment and Playground Tunnels

Discover our full portfolio of ziplines, trim trails and children’s tunnels and let us help you build the perfect school, council or residential playground.

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