Outdoor Playground Equipment Solutions

Specialists in designing school, council, leisure and residential playgrounds, we provide outdoor playground equipment for children of all ages and abilities.

Complete Playground Solutions


Commercial playground equipment designed with inclusivity at heart.


School playground solutions designed to bring children together. 


Children's playground equipment designed to excite and engage.  


Residential playground equipment designed for children of all ages.


Outdoor Playground Equipment

We provide a complete portfolio of residential, council, leisure and school playground equipment designed to support the physical play of children of all ages and abilities.

From traditional playground swings, slides and roundabouts through to musical instruments, ziplines and MUGA's, we design solutions to meet the needs of all children.

Our clients are at the heart of what we do, and we ensure every service we provide is of a first-class standard using only the best materials, products, and playground installation experts.

Inclusive Playground Equipment Solutions

Here at Vita Play, we believe that accessibility is paramount in ensuring that every child regardless of physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges, can enjoy the benefits of outdoor play.

This means incorporating inclusive design elements into playground designs to ensure that children of all ages and abilities can access play equipment safely.

By fostering a playground environment that promotes inclusion and equality, we contribute to not only supporting the physical development of children but also encourage social interaction, empathy, and understanding among peers.

Creating accessible playgrounds is a vital step toward building communities that celebrate diversity and provide enriching experiences for every child.

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playground surfacing

Durable Playground Surfacing

Durable playground surfacing is a crucial element in creating a safe and enjoyable play environment for children. Not only does it contribute to accessibility, allowing children of all abilities to participate in play, it creates an inclusive, long-lasting, and safe play area.

Experts in playground surfacing, we offer a complete range of playground surfaces including Rubber Mulch, Wet Pour, Grass Mats, Woodchip, Gravel, Resin Bound Stone and Artificial Grass.

Supported by a team of highly skilled playground surfacing installers with a combined experience of 30+ years, we create colourful and exciting surface designs using only the highest quality products and materials.

The Benefits of Children's Playgrounds

Outdoor playgrounds provide a natural space for children of all ages and abilities to have fun through physical activity whilst providing valuable contributions to their health and well-being.

Playing outdoors benefits several key developmental areas of children which include improving their self-confidence, independence, self-esteem and social skills. The playground environment also teaches them to become more aware of their limits and boundaries whilst overcoming challenges in their play, increasing their confidence to try new activities.

The freedom and space of having access to safe playground equipment helps to encourage movement leading to good physical exercise.

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