Tinka Castle Unit

Tinka is structured differently to most of the other Castle play environments, creating a number of play areas. This means that more children can play at the same time without disturbing each other. The five play areas feature various activities designed to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills, social interaction and, in particular, their imagination, including swaying suspension bridges, slides, climbing wall panels, a treasure chest and lookout barrel.

Muscles and cross-coordination are put to the test when the children climb around, but also their sense of balance as they cross the swaying bridges and whizz down the open slide or tube slide. Playing on slides is a source of huge excitement and fun, but is also good for learning about distance and speed. Further play value is added as the sun hits the red and yellow transparent panels in the roof windows, causing colourful patterns to be projected onto the ground, which are perfect for playing ‘the floor is lava’.

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