Merlin Castle Unit

Merlin is a fabulous play environment featuring numerous motor challenges. Children’s cross-coordination as well as their arm and leg muscles are put to the test as they cross the swaying bridges, crawl through the rope tunnel, scale the climbing net or swing by their arms along the hanging bars from tower to tower. Cross-body movements involving both the arms and legs are important for a child’s natural development. It helps to stimulate neural activity between the two sides of the brain, which in turn strengthens the child’s learning abilities, for example when learning to read and write.

Merlin is one of the three-tower castles in the Castle series and will put even the most energetic princes and princesses to the test. In addition to the rope tunnel, Merlin features a climbing net, hanging bars, a slide, a swaying, sloping suspension bridge and also a hanging prison. Merlin’s roofs also contribute to the overall experience. The sunlight shines down through the yellow and red panes in the roof windows, projecting hopscotch patterns onto the ground as the sun travels across the sky. The shadows change, while the children’s faces are alternately illuminated yellow and red. Merlin is a genuine knight’s castle universe, which supports children’s natural development.

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